Lorene Simpson is an electronic musician based in Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from Houston, Texas where her lifelong fascination with synthesizer-based electronic music began;  Lorene draws inspiration from such synth pioneers as Absolute Body Control, Chris & Cosey, Juan Atkins, The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, Severed Heads and Suicide. These groups influenced her to start her own synth experiments which inspired the formation of the minimal synth duo Violet Tremors. The group's self-released 2011 debut album "Time Is The Traitor" showcased her developing musical craft. 

Today, she continues to expand her electronic musical palette with her solo project L-SEDITION in which she uses a hybrid of digital & analog hardware. With her background in audio engineering & film post production, L-SEDITION has an important visual element that is now coupled with her music. Using a combination of analog video synthesis & digital effects, she creates her own unique audio & visual experience. 


L-SEDITION Soundcloud


Violet Tremors Soundcloud

Minimal Synth Group Soundcloud

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